Frequently Asked Questions


How do I arrange an appointment with a cleaner?

All you need to do is call or email us to explain your needs and we’ll arrange a personal meeting with our director to determine what kind of service you need. It’s that simple. 

Can I call and get a quote?

We think quotes over the phone are inaccurate and dishonest, so we make a point of seeing you in person to determine the services you need before we can say how much it will cost. After all, every property and every lifestyle are different. 

How often do you clean?

We often recommend an initial deep clean and follow it up with appointments every two weeks. We are flexible, though, so we will always work to your personal circumstances to ensure minimal disruption to your life. 

Are my home, my belongings and my family safe?

All our cleaners are professional, insured and DBS certified, so we take the utmost care with everything that is important to you. We won’t bring hazardous materials into your home and we won’t send strangers to your front door, so yes, everything is in safe hands with us.

Do you clean homes with pets in them?

We always discuss your personal circumstances in your first appointment and have no problem cleaning properties with pets in them – provided they don’t bite us! 

What if I do not like my cleaner?

We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere at 83 Clean, but we understand that you can’t get on with everybody. If personalities clash, give us a call and we’ll endeavour to change your cleaner as soon as we can.

How do I pay for your cleaning services?

All payments are made by BACS or via our secure online payment system; unfortunately, we can’t accept cash or cheques in person.

Our terms and conditions of payment will be made clear during your first appointment.

What if I am unhappy with your services?

We provide a checklist for every job to help meet your expectations, but if our services fall beneath them, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can send a member of our management team to you within 48 hours. If you can take photos of what concerns you in your home after a clean, please email them to us and we will make things right as soon as possible. 

Is my cleaner allowed to eat and drink in my house?

Our cleaners shouldn’t eat and should only drink from a bottle of water whilst they are in your home – unless you wanted to put the kettle on, that is.

Is my cleaner allowed to keep taking breaks?

Our cleaners will only take a 15-minute break on jobs that take longer than four hours. If they are on a deep clean that could take all day, they’ll be entitled to a one-hour lunch break and they’ll let you know when they are going to take it.